Sustainable development and eco-responsible actions: 2 levers for a successful connected challenge


Sustainable development and eco-responsible actions: 2 levers for a successful connected challenge


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The Fortinet group, world leader in cybersecurity with more than 10 000 employees worldwide, wanted to raise awareness among its employees about eco-responsible actions. They called on Squadeasy to bring together employees spread over several continents while improving internal cohesion through a connected challenge.
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Raise awareness of good CSR practices and sustainable development with a digital application as an internal communication tool. Use the Squadeasy application to create excitement and bring employees together through a fun, sporting challenge.

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  • 126,000 km travelled
  • 791 participants
  • 8,147 kg of CO2 saved
  • 132 teams
  • 88% consider that the cohesion within the company has improved
  • 85% would like to take part in a new challenge
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Squadeasy recommendations
for Fortinet

Customise the internal challenge with Fortinet's own thematic photo challenges, in order to use the application as a real awareness-raising tool capable of drawing attention to issues related to sustainable development.

Mobilise around challenges that motivate employees to meet and engage in physical activities.


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"Agir pour l'environnement"

As part of its "Fortinet Act4Environment" connected challenge, it was time for team spirit and to surpass oneself in favour of the planet. 

During the 30 days of this connected challenge, Fortinet's employees had the opportunity to be versatile and to practice 3 decarbonised mobility activities: walking, running and cycling. Their movements were measured by a tracker included in the Squadeasy application and they were able to complete challenges in teams.

The use of the Squadeasy application's features such as quizzes, photo challenges, in-app messages, allowed to pass on useful information about good practices to avoid CO2 emissions, while promoting social links and team cohesion.

In total, more than 126,000 kilometres were covered by Fortinet's teams. In addition to improving the physical and mental well-being of the employees, this challenge has enabled each and every one of them to align themselves with values that are favourable to the environment and to strengthen the feeling of belonging.

RResults of the end-of-challenge survey of participants

👯 85% would like to participate in a new challenge
💆 82% feel in a better mood
🏅 98% practised for the sporting challenge
 🤝88% feel that team cohesion has improved
♻️Over 8000kg of CO2 saved


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Group 933 (1)

120 million steps

The equivalent of 9x the Great Wall of China
6,563 steps per active user

Group 934


17,761 km

The equivalent of 423 marathons

29 km per active user


mains levées


24 552 km

The equivalent of 7 "Tour de France"
40 km per active user
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Low carbon target

8,147 kg of CO2 avoided. In other words :

🚰 61 719 litres of tap water consumed

🚗 37 440 km by car

🍃 15 975 vegetarian meals

👕1 328 t-shirts manufactured

icone guillemets

We ran under the rain to get points. But it was a great challenge, organize more often!
icone guillemets

It really helped to come together and improve teamwork, while learning about several environmental issues and potential actions.

"So I hear you want to take care of your employees too?"

 It's pretty good timing

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